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Santa Ana Transit Vision – Improving our Community

Imagine Orange County with a vibrant transit system that makes traveling throughout the region a breeze. It makes perfect sense that Orange County, the 6th most populous region in the U.S., would have a sophisticated transit system that rivals those in other major metropolitan areas, complete with commuter rail, modern streetcar, and bus systems.

That vision is at the heart of Santa Ana's plans for an economically strong and environmentally friendly city. Located in the center of Orange County, Santa Ana is a thriving, energized city, and the fourth most densely populated city in the U.S. It is expected that the population of the city will grow by approximately 10% over the next 25 years. With this growth and opportunity in mind, the City of Santa Ana is developing a comprehensive Transit Vision to serve residents, workers, local businesses, and the transit-dependent, with the dual goals of improving mobility and strengthening connections to surrounding communities and cities.

The Santa Ana Transit Vision focuses on development of the Santa Ana-Garden Grove (Streetcar) Project and expansion of the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center (SARTC) and is supported by the Transit Zoning Code and the Station District Plan.


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